• Q1) I lost my ID or sign-in password

    Ans: If you forgot your AJstore ID or password, please click the link below.

    Yes, I lost my ID

    For AJstore ID, kindly input either your AJstore ID, Birth day or Email address which you used upon registration and click on confirm button.
    Then the partial info your Advanced Journey ID, email and birth date will be shown.

    Yes, I lost my password

    For password, kindly input either your AJstore ID or email which you used upon registration and click on confirm button.
    Then kindly click on ‘Get Password-Reset Email’ button and the related email will be sent your e-mail to reset your password.
    This e-mail is valid only 24hours due to the security.

    Then the relevant info will be shown and click on Get password reset mail and the related email will be sent your email and you need to check the email and click on URL in the email to set up the new password. This email is valid only 24hours due to the security.

    Q2) How do I register on AJstore?

    Ans: Registration on AJstore is easy and free.  There is a simple form required to fill in before you start purchasing the items.  Once you registered as AJstore member, you are entitled to purchase any items on the site.

    Q3) How do I change my address?

    Ans: In order for you to change your address ,please sign in first then click on [edit info] located on the top of the main page and go to personal info> address and then click on my address book.

    You can put or delete the shipping address in “My address book”.

    If you double click the address you need to edit, you can see the detailed info and make the edition.

    Do not forget to click on change button lastly.

    Q4) How do I change the user password?

    Ans: In order for you to change the password, please log in first and click on  [Edit info] located on the top of the main page.

    And go to personal info > password and click on change password.

    On this page, you can change another personal information too.

    Q5) How to change email address in personal info on Edit Info page?

    Ans: ① Go to Edit Info and Click the “change” button at Email section

    ② You will see pop-up box and entering your new email, click the “Send Confirmation Email”
    ③ Pop-up box will be closed and please check your email and “confirm” the letter then the confirmed email will be updated as new email address
    ④ Successfully changed new email address.
    (*) non confirmed email address is only shown at the stage of Awaiting Confirmation
    (**) confirmed email in the past will be updated without the process of email confirmation.


    (Show Screen Shots of Steps 1-4)

    Q1) How to place order in AJstore?


    Ans: (Show Screen shot steps)

    • Credit Card- Card payments are processed electronically.We only accept Visa and MasterCard. When you enter your payment information in ‘Place your order’ page, please select a ‘Credit card’ as a payment method and fill out the card information correctly.
      Once you complete the order process, the credit card will be processed within 90mins.
      Please do not leave the screen during the process.

      Kindly be notified that the maximum credit card amounts are only acceptable up to $5,000 SGD at once.
    • Paypal :If you already have a paypal account, this option can be selected for purchasing.
    • E-nets (Real time bank transfer via I-Banking) :This method is only available for customers that has a I-Banking account. Available Bank you can transfer from (DBS/POSB/UOB/Citi Bank).
    • Direct deposit
    • AXS
    • 7-11

    Important Notes:

    – Once you have selected a payment method, it cannot be changed. Please do not make a payment different from the chosen method as the payment will not be matched successfully with the order.
    – If you would like to do a different payment method from the originally chosen method, you would need to make a new order and then choose the new payment method.

    Shipping process


    1. Payment processing: The order was processed, however the payment has yet to be confirmed. Shipping requesting : Payment is completed and order info will transfer to the seller.

      3. Shipping requested: The seller verifies the payment and order but the item(s) has yet to be shipped.  (The ordered items can still be changed or cancelled at this stage.)

      4. Shipping scheduled: The seller is preparing to ship out the item but the item(s) has yet to be shipped. (The ordered items can be changed or cancelled with seller’s confirmation at this stage.)

      5. Shipping on delivery : The item has been shipped out and the item is on its way to the destination. Any changes to the order are not possible at this point and a return request must be submitted at this point

      6. Shipping delivered : When the items are delivered to the customer, the customer needs to click on confirm delivery button in Shopping list and then the status will be changed to delivered.
      If you don’t receive the item but the status is changed to delivered through the system, kindly click on non-receipt claim in Shopping list. (non-receipt claim button is available 7days only from the date of delivered.)

    Q1) How do I cancel/refund my order?

    For defected/Shortage/Wrong item Cancel/Refund is available within 7 days after being delivered.